Gender Reveal Charms

Holy Toledo!  It’s been a billion years since our studio has put a blog up….  We’ve been so busy on the creative side that we’ve kinda neglected our blogging charisma that adds that little extra something to our overall presentation.  We figured it was imperative to our studio to keep our fans up to date on where we’ve been as well as our recent work in motion.  So we’re catching up.

I have to say that there’s been a new trend that I have totally put my nose up to with these new Gender Reveal Parties.  They seemed silly to me and like a crazy added reason to throw yet another party, spend countless extra funds on elaborate decorations, and, well, I come from the old school mind set that you wait until those final pushing moments to find out if you’re having a girl or a boy (at least for your first).  Technology wasn’t as amazing as it is today back in the Spring of 1989 when I first set eyes on our beautiful Merenda the day she was born.  But, we also chose not to know what we were having for our first and second of my amazing five children.  Her nursery, our decorations for her shower and anything we would buy before my due date would be neutral colors.  It was as if not knowing and the excitement of finding out really made those last pushes bearable.

So….needless to say, when my son and his fiance found out they were expecting in January of 2015 and had the opportunity to find out if they were having a boy or girl with their fourteenth week genetic screening lab work…..the idea of a Gender Reveal Party created quite a controversy for those of us with our feet in the older generation arena.  The chance to get our families together, however, and meet some of my son’s fiance’s family swayed the decision to put this party together!  Little did we know how truly exciting this party was going to be!!

Merenda and I started putting together this blue and pink spread for Monique and Nick, rummaging through Pinterest for any and all unique ideas to help make this experience unforgettable.  Our cake was being put together by our amazing local Baskin Robbins.  The best part, though, was the fact that not even Nick and Monique knew the results of the lab work…..this made it even that much more exciting.  The lab was asked to put the results in an envelope sealed.  That envelope was taken to the cake maker to be only opened by her to put the magic color inside to be revealed a week later.  It was excrutiating for Nick and Monique to wait, but amazingly enough, I’m proud to say they didn’t peak.

It was like Christmas for all of us.  The anticipation was electric in the room as we all gathered around the cake eager to cut it.  Everyone had their pink bows or blue tie pins on that Merenda made, voting for whether we were on team Blue or team Pink with our pink lemonade or blue koolaid.

Then it happened!  Everyone was cheering and screaming that it was a BOY!  Nick’s Dad, Len had it already set up to post on Facebook that he would have a new Grandson, much to his excitement, and then someone noticed that we were reacting to the mint chip ice cream that was requested as one of the flavors.  Zach, our almost seven-year-old was furious and wanted to know what ALL that pink icing was doing in the middle of the cake and ice cream!  It wasn’t a BOY……IT WAS A GIRL!  The look on Monique’s face was priceless!!   Completely and utterly confusing Gender Reveal situation, but hilarious !!  New cheers, applause and extraordinary excitement as Nick realized he got his little girl he always wanted.  It was wonderful meeting Monique’s family and Merenda did such a beautiful job hosting this amazing party.  It was so fun to put it together with her.

Best Party Ever!!  And, well, I’m besides myself, super excited to be a Grandma for the first time in January!!  Sweet little baby girl Ramirez is due on her Aunt Megan’s birthday on the 20th of January.  So much more excitement to fill our households over the next year!!

For more pictures from this amazing experience visit our Events Gallery !!

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