Seniors Rock…..

…especially this senior!! There’s something so inspiring about this turning point in these young individual’s lives when they can look back with fond memories, to this point in their lives, but also look forward to inventing a future with amazing tools at their fingertips. It’s really limitless if you think about it, but then you need the right mindset, drive, tenacity and will power to follow through. Despite what approach they take, it guarantees to be an adventure. We envision great things for this particular unique Senior, her beauty from within evident to all those who touch on her life.

Several sessions, multiple locations and journalistic documenting of this charming, All League, amazing athlete, water polo player, lifeguard, college bound scholar, who has overcome some amazing hurdles with perseverance just left us admiring the direction and promise of her future. She’s unstoppable!!

We explored the river and pathways of Folsom, tournaments, meets as well as a favorite location of our studio, the Historic Folsom Powerhouse with Heather. We love exploring all the character building talents and aspects of our Seniors. It’s a great testament to what they’ve inspired from within, hinting of the promise that transpires anticipated dreams and goals.

Take a moment out to see more of Heather’s senior session.

or watch a personalized video of her session at….

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