Congratulations, Lauren and Steve!! You are the winners of our Couple’s Portrait contest. As the winners you will receive a 2 hour session in a beautiful outdoor location in the Sacramento or nearby area, a personalized gallery with 40-60 images to view and order from the shoot, 5-10 images posted on Facebook, a unique slideshow set to music to view, and a complimentary artistic print of the photographer’s choice from the session ( entire package … $250. value).

We were touched and really enjoyed seeing the support surrounding each of our couples throughout the contest!

The story of how Lauren and Steve met, charmed us and we came to know you even more with the extended outpouring of added notes from friends and family throughout the contest. We are thrilled and look forward to putting together your creative shoot with the two of you!! 🙂

Here’s the story of how they met…

Our wonderful story:

Her version:

“I first laid eyes on Steve, the first day of my sophomore year of high school, he was the teachers assistant for my Spanish class. Everyday I’d get all dolled up before going into class just in case he ever looked my way. For the first couple weeks I didn’t he think he knew my name or that I even existed, since I was too nervous to even make eye contact. Many days went by that I’d totally check him out or daydream about talking to him..(tacky, right?). Finally one day my teacher had to leave early while the class was taking a test and requested that we turn in our tests with Steve. The whole time I was taking my test, I was so nervous about having to bring it to him… once I finished I stood up, walked to his desk without looking at him, or even breathing for that matter and as soon as I turned around to walk back he was like, “Hey, Lauren.. Can I get your number and maybe we could go out sometime?” I couldn’t get past the fact that he knew my name! So of course I gave him my number, but figured he probably wouldn’t call. Later that night, my house phone rang and it was Steve calling. He wanted to know when was a good time for lunch? (Now, I hadn’t really thought this through.. I was too young to go on a date being only 14.. especially with a 17 year old.) So instead of just telling him “No, I’m not allowed to date”.. I thought I’d just lie and tell him I was grounded and that would chase him away. Well it worked, but then next week rolled around and he called again! He wondered if I was still grounded…Well, I turned into a great little liar and simply said “Yes, I still am and probably will be for a while.” Now, for those who knew me then, I NEVER got in trouble, I’ve never been grounded in my life.. so this was a total role for me to play. Finally, I thought I should probably talk to my Mom and see what she thought, since he was so persistent in asking me. She allowed me to go on a lunch date as long as a friend tagged along. I was well prepared the next time he asked me.. I told him I wasn’t grounded anymore and that I would love to go. So, we brought our mutual friend Natalie and all went to Quizno’s. Steve has continued to make me the happiest woman I can be, and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him!”

His version:

“I asked Lauren out in Spanish class (2004). I had met her a couple weeks prior, at the beginning of my Senior year in high school, but it took a couple of weeks before I asked her out. I was the Teacher’s Assistant for the class (which made it quite scandalous.) I remember exactly how it happened, because we had a substitute teacher that day. Mr. White was filling in for our normal teacher and I was sitting in front of the class, waiting to collect the quiz that was given. When Lauren walked up to turn her quiz in, I said something like, “Hey Lauren, what are you doing this weekend?” She turned bright red, totally surprised that I was talking to her in front of the entire class. Before she could answer, Mr. White, the substitute (and my old teacher from the semester before) chimes in “Hey Steve, what are you trying to do, ask this girl out?” I probably got a little red in the face myself and replied “…Well Mr. White, I am trying to…” He started laughing because he didn’t really expect that to be my answer. So I turned back to Lauren and asked her if she had any plans that weekend because my friends and I were getting together to do something. So, I got her number right there in front of everyone in class, who by this time, were all paying attention.”

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