Reflecting on the last few Years….

Gender Reveal Charms

Holy Toledo!  It’s been a billion years since our studio has put a blog up….  We’ve been so busy on the creative side that we’ve kinda neglected our blogging charisma that adds that little extra something to our overall presentation.  We figured it was imperative to our studio to keep our fans up to date on where we’ve been as well as our recent work in motion.  So we’re catching up.

I have to say that there’s been a new trend that I have totally put my nose up to with these new Gender Reveal Parties.  They seemed silly to me and like a crazy added reason to throw yet another party, spend countless extra funds on elaborate decorations, and, well, I come from the old school mind set that you wait until those final pushing moments to find out if you’re having a girl or a boy (at least for your first).  Technology wasn’t as amazing as it is today back in the Spring of 1989 when I first set eyes on our beautiful Merenda the day she was born.  But, we also chose not to know what we were having for our first and second of my amazing five children.  Her nursery, our decorations for her shower and anything we would buy before my due date would be neutral colors.  It was as if not knowing and the excitement of finding out really made those last pushes bearable.

So….needless to say, when my son and his fiance found out they were expecting in January of 2015 and had the opportunity to find out if they were having a boy or girl with their fourteenth week genetic screening lab work…..the idea of a Gender Reveal Party created quite a controversy for those of us with our feet in the older generation arena.  The chance to get our families together, however, and meet some of my son’s fiance’s family swayed the decision to put this party together!  Little did we know how truly exciting this party was going to be!!

Merenda and I started putting together this blue and pink spread for Monique and Nick, rummaging through Pinterest for any and all unique ideas to help make this experience unforgettable.  Our cake was being put together by our amazing local Baskin Robbins.  The best part, though, was the fact that not even Nick and Monique knew the results of the lab work…..this made it even that much more exciting.  The lab was asked to put the results in an envelope sealed.  That envelope was taken to the cake maker to be only opened by her to put the magic color inside to be revealed a week later.  It was excrutiating for Nick and Monique to wait, but amazingly enough, I’m proud to say they didn’t peak.

It was like Christmas for all of us.  The anticipation was electric in the room as we all gathered around the cake eager to cut it.  Everyone had their pink bows or blue tie pins on that Merenda made, voting for whether we were on team Blue or team Pink with our pink lemonade or blue koolaid.

Then it happened!  Everyone was cheering and screaming that it was a BOY!  Nick’s Dad, Len had it already set up to post on Facebook that he would have a new Grandson, much to his excitement, and then someone noticed that we were reacting to the mint chip ice cream that was requested as one of the flavors.  Zach, our almost seven-year-old was furious and wanted to know what ALL that pink icing was doing in the middle of the cake and ice cream!  It wasn’t a BOY……IT WAS A GIRL!  The look on Monique’s face was priceless!!   Completely and utterly confusing Gender Reveal situation, but hilarious !!  New cheers, applause and extraordinary excitement as Nick realized he got his little girl he always wanted.  It was wonderful meeting Monique’s family and Merenda did such a beautiful job hosting this amazing party.  It was so fun to put it together with her.

Best Party Ever!!  And, well, I’m besides myself, super excited to be a Grandma for the first time in January!!  Sweet little baby girl Ramirez is due on her Aunt Megan’s birthday on the 20th of January.  So much more excitement to fill our households over the next year!!

For more pictures from this amazing experience visit our Events Gallery !!

Growing Up With Remington


One of the greatest rewards of being a photographer is having the opportunity of being a part of the growth and beauty of the families we work with.  To go back and pull together sessions from maternity to first year birthday really is touching just in the awe of how life unfolds.  We’ve gotten to be with Heather, Russell and little Remington in their journey together since he was an anticipated joy to look forward to all snuggled underneath his parents loving hands as he grew in his mother’s belly and into their lives.

And, before we knew it, we were swept up into the excitement of Remington’s arrival as well as the contagious enthusiasm of his parent’s awe at this beautiful baby boy lovingly embraced in their arms.  It’s these moments that inspire hope, love and the beauty that life affords.

Our studio was honored to create their announcements to send out to friends and family.  It was undeniable that this beautiful baby boy, with his serious and deeply concentrated demeanor, such a wise old soul, was indeed the apple of his parent’s eyes.


Time raced by in a fleeting moment and we found ourselves packing our gear to head up to Loomis to capture little Remington’s 1st year milestone.  The park we ended up at used to be the familiar stomping grounds of his parents growing up which made the location that much more sentimentally drawing.   This little park’s private cove made for a lovely natural outdoor studio.  Remington was such a trooper on this warm summer day dealing with three new teeth coming in simultaneously.  It’s tough being a toddler, especially one so handsome and endearing.  Heather and Russell were also the winners of our recent portrait session give-away online on Facebook which gifted them a free portrait session.  We had a wonderful time with these three!!


Remington’s full gallery can be found on our Clientele Proofing Galleries.

A video of Remington’s charms has also been created from the combined three sessions and set to music which can be found below.

A big thank you and appreciation to my partner in creativity, my daughter, Merenda Gordon, who’s almost always by my side helping to create these great memories for our clientele.  I’d be lost without her.


We look forward to creating more memories with this wonderful family over the years to come!  🙂

Dexter’s Charms

We had such a great Whimsical baby/Family portrait session with the Heffingtons!  This family of three were the winners of our Annual Creative Session contest.  We found ourselves exploring the beautiful bike trails up in Folsom to really set the scene of this Whimsical Woodland Theme at the beginning of the month.  His parents came with great props to add to the atmospheric draw of their shoot.  Hand knitted hats, boots, a beautiful stained glass, red colored lantern, assorted mushrooms, a hand crafted nest along with our contribution of bubbles, flutters, a water can, turtle, pinwheel, the best lady bug in town and other little touches as well as  a fantastic crew really brought this session alive.  More so than the enchantment the props brought was the magical beauty of this little boy’s inquisitive draw on his surroundings as well as his evident bond with his two wonderful parents.  The simple touches, gestures and interaction were, by far, the strengths behind this day’s images.

  This adorable ten month old full of great expression, awe and wonderful patience really stole the show.  We started out in the bright morning hours to beat the sun that finally decided to make an appearance.  The bike trails were overflowing with wildflowers and everything was lush on this new favorite outdoor session location that has been the backdrop of multiple sessions this last month.

 Take a second out to visit the Heffington’s gallery which has over sixty eight images from their session.  As winners of our contest, the Heffingtons  received a 2 hour outdoor session in a beautiful outdoor location in the Sacramento or nearby area, a personalized gallery with 40-60 images, 5-10 images from the shoot posted on Facebook with our watermark, a unique slideshow posted to Facebook created from the shoot set to music to view, and a complimentary artistic print of the photographer’s choice from the session (entire session giveaway valued at $250).

Don’t miss out on the personalized slide show created for them of their session filled with Dexter’s wonderful personality.


A special thanks goes out to my crew, Merenda, Nina and Morgan with their great artistic finesse, assistance and creative eyes.  These sessions couldn’t happen without you!!   We’re already looking forward to next year’s creative contest!!

BLL Studio’s Spring Concept Contest


It’s that time of the year again for our Annual Photo Session Giveaway and we’re very excited!!  This year’s theme is ‘The Most Creative, Artistic Concept’ for a session of all genres.

Last year we ran a couple’s portrait contest with Lauren and Steve winning our free session giveaway.  We had such a great time getting to know these two and framing their undeniable charms up in Old Town Folsom.

Fine Art Couple's Portraiture.


We’re looking, this year, for the most unique conceptual theme from anyone who’s challenged to lend their artistic design into their personal creative session.  Bring your session into another time era, dress up in the finest to portray a certain atmosphere, bring a trunk load of props to enhance the end result of this creative venture.   Bring us your creativity and we’ll inspire its artistry and frame its beauty in a beautiful outdoor area in and around the Sacramento area that draws on the atmospheric resonance of your theme.


Image inspired by Mila's Daydreams...

Senior Session


This contest is open to all genres (couples, babies, engagement, glamour, pet portraiture, families, Seniors, Trash The Dress Session, etc.), all ages with a maximum of five individuals to be included in the session.   Family and associates of the studio, past clientele and Prior Contest Winners are not eligible for this session giveaway.    Send us your inspired ideas and unique theme to along with a candid photo (no professional images) of the subject(s) to be in the session by Wednesday, February 21, 2012 and if you haven’t done so already ‘like’ BLL Studio’s Facebook FanpageWe will choose and announce the most creative conceptual session idea winner on Friday, February 24th.     Winners of this year’s photos session giveaway will receive a 2 hour outdoor session in a beautiful outdoor location in the Sacramento or nearby area just in time for Spring, a personalized gallery with 40-60 images, 5-10 images from the shoot posted on Facebook with our watermark, a unique slideshow posted to Facebook created from the shoot set to music to view, and a complimentary artistic print of the photographer’s choice from the session (entire session giveaway valued at $250).  Hair stylist and makeup artist available at an additional fee to enhance your artistic session further.  Contact us for additional information and arrangements.  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!!


Conceptual Imagery