Artistic Creations By Brittany

I had the great opportunity last night to meet and work with a talented makeup artist and hair stylist, Brittany Ruebel honing her skills and fashionable prowess on my daughter as she effortlessly transformed Merenda into three eye-catching glamorous looks both with hair and makeup before the night was over. We had a great time as Brittany brought out her palette of endless colors and adept skills with styling hair and went to work from her classic look to a dramatic edgy technique. Her talents could be a girl’s best friend on that special day getting ready for her wedding, or lend an edge to that senior portrait shoot. I wouldn’t hesitate to call Brittany in with such artistic skills for any of my shoots or refer her out to any of my clients. I wish her well in all her business endeavors and look forward to working with her again soon in future shoots. It was a memorable experience. Be sure to visit the galleries to see the rest of the night’s glamorous shots.

My Right Hand Artiste

Stopping To Smell The Roses.....

Well…..the sunflowers! Things are looking up. Today’s full of promising warmth to blanket some of the numbing wintry chill, my MRI came back normal….Thank Heaven!….. and I can hear the rustling stirs of my toddler alerting me that he’s arrived to take on the day with the passion he breathes into each unique moment of every day.

Just a note….Because….. this blog is really more or less about her…. Merenda, whom I’ve spent years framing behind my lens with her beautiful charms, along with my other beautiful children countless times, as well as being with me on many shoots, has decided to change course in school. Last semester she took a black and white photography class which really peaked her interest proving very interesting as she learned to process her own images inside the darkroom in a traditional sense. She’s always had quite the eye when she’s framed her visions. I’ve always loved her photos. This semester she’s really excited because she’s taking an actual digital photography class and can use a digital camera and she loves Photoshop and artistic licensing as much as I do. It can be a little tedious in the beginning stages with all the hum drum aspects of photography that she already knows at this point but I think she’s going to really like exploring and creating as much as I have these last five years of my business and the many years before I’ve always had a love of the visual arts.

Anyways, Merenda, as well as Meg when she hasn’t been studying, has been an integral part of helping me get this new web site up and running, designed and figured out as well as helping me choose this blog to build upon. She has been invaluable when I was down during the Holidays as well as all of my kids and I’m really looking forward to building the strengths of Behind Lisa’s Lens this year with Merenda as she grows in her desires to be a more active photographer. She’s amazingly creative, has a great eye and the idea of color, light and what inspires a great shot isn’t far from either of our lips as well as imaginations at any given moment when we’re together and I’m sure a part. She truly is one of my best friends and a wonderful business partner that I look forward to working with, not to mention a beautiful daughter. Love you, Merenda.

Hello world!

Behind Lisa’s Lens Photography is finding its way.  I’m stumbling my way around WordPress trying this Blogging out, trying to get my newer site up and running with a touch of artisic edge.  It’s amazing how little you see (when it’s right in front of your face) when you’re new to something and then a year later you look back and it seemed so simple.  I’m hoping that a year from now I’ll look back and see  an amazing graphic blog and site overflowing with artistic prowess, wit and savvy banter.  We’ll see where time takes us.  Behind Lisa’s Lens is up and running now with its new Domain owned by myself this year and run through CMD at…a really nice flash set up rich in color transitions.  It’s still very raw and only has minimalist images up for I have had very little time to customize it but I look forward to building it up richer over the next month or so.  I’m VERY excited!

Just trying to get through my MRI this coming Tuesday which will really navigate the direction of just about everything.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Will return soon to add to this exciting avenue of expressive draw.