Romance and Laughter in Old Town Folsom

Behind Lisa’s Lens Photographic Studio was thrilled to have had the opportunity to explore Old Town Folsom’s Historic Powerhouse with our winning couple, Lauren and Steve, for their couple’s portrait session!! The early evening echoed with contagious laughter and giggling as we made our way along the pathways framing the romance that is evident between these two.

Initially, we were doomed with a storm moving above us and rain threatening to come through earlier than expected. Fortunately, once we arrived, the sun came out bringing us great light to surround our two.

What’s great about Lauren and Steve is not only the great time they have when they’re together, but also the story behind how they met back in High School.Their story can be found in our blog posts. They have a wonderful network of friends and family surrounding them who really stepped up to bat throughout the contest adding little tidbits of anecdotes from throughout the years of dating.

We love that we’ve had the opportunity to get to know these two better, helped them frame some memories and hopefully look forward to being there to frame future milestones down the line!!

To view more of Lauren and Steve’s Photos from their couple’s Portrait Session go to Lauren and Steve’s Proofing Gallery

Thank you to my very special crew, Merenda, Nick and Steph!! I’d be lost without you!! 🙂

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For our second place runner up….

Our second place runner up for our couple’s contest was a tie. Our studio set aside 15 extra votes for the couple with the most creative story of how they met. Those 15 votes went to London and Shelby. More so than the unique circumstances of how they met drew us in, but also the creative style of the approach of presenting their story.

This is how the two met…

“So instead of a traditional story, Shelby and I wrote two seperate stories and kind of clashed them together. Enjoy~


On Saturday April 24th, 2010 cannons sounded in the air of Visalia, California as the start of the visalia renaissance fair. London Morgan had just turned 21 a few days prior and grinned as he took in the first event of his now 3rd season working the ren fair. Today he is working in ‘Rusty Sword’ a weapon vendor. Across the site Shelby Witt, a fairgoer since age 13, sits inside of a baked potato booth. At age 18 this is her first time working the Renaissance Fair. Although these two personalities came from very different places, neither of them realized what jacked up history they would soon write together.

I had past a few of the guildyards in the back of the site and was heading towards the front gate through the food court. As i approached, a delicious aroma wafted past me. (despite whatever SHE says i DID smell the potatoes first) i cant say i knew what it was but it did lead me to look around to find the source of said fragrance. I glanced about and just up the hill was a booth and behind the counter was a figure with long golden hair.(i could already tell she was cute…i just needed the confirmation) I saw this beautiful girl turn around and look at me and then i just couldnt help myself…

The cannons went off and patrons started POURING in and I turn to see a gorgeous man looking at me and he begins to “sniff” his way to my booth. He apparently could smell the potatoes and couldn’t resist, ha, yeah right. He walks up and with his long lashes, green eyes, and stupidly cute smile, tells me his name is London and kisses my hand, and I swear if he ever kisses YOUR hand.. Your stomach will instantly begin flipping and you WILL melt. NO ONE can kiss a hand like he can. But, I would never fall for this awesome pick-up game he had perfected

I introduce myself and kiss her hand as is customary at fair (but I was laying it on pretty thick so i’m no innocent) Either they like it, or they dont. Most do.
yet to my amazement this girl raises an eyebrow and smirks as if digesting my comment with extreme amusement. She decides to play sweet and tells me i should get a baked potato.

“You should get a baked potato”

“Oh, should I now? and what praytell can i put on this potato”

“haha, potato stuff!” She looks around “we have bacon, sour cream, chives, butter, onions, salt, pepper, cheese and chili.”

“you have chili?”

“yeah. you can pretty much put in anything you want”

(Thats just too good of a setup to pass up…)

“Can I put you in there?” I smirk

she looked back at him with a little glint in her eye and in a provocatively sarcastic tone(because it wasnt sarcastically provocative)

“I dont know…that might get a little messy”

(I bit my lip…)

The faire has to go on and he has work to do so he promises to return and walks away only looking back when I couldn’t see him anymore. People come and go, numerous people are flirting with me, but its a faire, EVERYONE is flirting with EVERYONE, however, I just couldn’t get this boy, his eyes, and his smile out of my head. He returns around noon, money in hand. I take his order and money and give him his potato.

im not the ritziest cat at this swing in time and i didnt exactly have tater funds financed into the weekend. I had to mooch most of the cost for my lunch. I was pretty stoked i got to go back…that is untill she reminded me-

“Don’t forget to tip me”

Hey, i was only making money in tips after all.

“I don’t have anymore money though!”

“So, you can come back with some.”

“Hmm…thats a pretty big commitment”

“…I think you can handle it”

I smiled more flirtatiously that time 🙂

So, he smiled, raised one eyebrow, and walks away once again. This time he takes hours to come back, I started to think he had forgotten about me. In reality, he was running around asking everyone he knew for 50 cents. He comes back around the end of the first day of faire and I was done for the evening.

i came gallavanting back to the the tater shack boasting a whole dollar bill. She giggled and we started chatting. Now we’re at fair so knives are a pretty common topic. I asked Shelby if she had a bodice dagger for her very nice bodice. (now i didnt know this was her first time working fair…she seemed so confidant i thought she was seasoned.) she looked at me blankly evidently unaware of what a bodice dagger is. This, my friends…simply WILL-NOT-DO!

After beating her over the head with a brief history lesson on bodice daggers i inquired after her preferred pigmintation…

He asked my favorite color…



“Good color.. but no.”




“You got it.” She smiles

ONCE AGAIN he tells me he’ll be right back and runs-

So im sprinting back to the rusty sword practically bulldozing people on my way. i mean, it was getting late in the day. So remember that booth? well the guy that owns it lets you work off merch for really cheap or lets you haggle him heavy on stuff. hes a good guy. so i storm the booth and find exactly what im lookin for. I fuss for a minute and then dash back with a smallish blue box in tow. I find her and shes looking at me suspiciously. So, I present the box to her…

He tells me its for me. I think my whole body turned bright red, and I had NEVER blushed before that. It was a beautiful bodice dagger with a purple jewel at the top. I put it in my bodice and didn’t take it out for the rest of the weekend. Later that night there was a party, like all Saturday nights at faire, but I couldn’t find him all night. Until all of the sudden I see him dancing to “Single Ladies” on a bench by the DJ, with like three girls dancing around him. I couldn’t say I was surprised. But they definitely looked more interested than he was. I waited, and when I had a chance to I pulled him away to talk to him. I finally had built up the courage to tell him I thought he was cute. “Oh, really?” I blushed again. I didn’t find out till months later that he was pretty excited about the fact that I thought so. Our conversation continues and he starts singing a song to me, “The Sleeping Scotsman.” At the next faire he gave me a blue ribbon, look the song up and you’ll know exactly why, and surely laugh

It basically turned into a weird infatuation with a girl who was just a little smart-mouthed and quick-witted. I really couldnt get enough of her. heh, i still managed to much it up for another couple of months though. ^_~

I mean sure he was stupid and cute and a TOTAL MAN *****…but there was something in him…I dont even think he knew it…

I love Him.

I Love her

Its as simple as that.”


Also tied for runner up was Hillary and Taylor!

Congratulations to the two couples. We will contact you to get your mailing address to send your certificate in the mail with your prize.

Again, thanks to all the couples who participated! We had a blast!!


Congratulations, Lauren and Steve!! You are the winners of our Couple’s Portrait contest. As the winners you will receive a 2 hour session in a beautiful outdoor location in the Sacramento or nearby area, a personalized gallery with 40-60 images to view and order from the shoot, 5-10 images posted on Facebook, a unique slideshow set to music to view, and a complimentary artistic print of the photographer’s choice from the session ( entire package … $250. value).

We were touched and really enjoyed seeing the support surrounding each of our couples throughout the contest!

The story of how Lauren and Steve met, charmed us and we came to know you even more with the extended outpouring of added notes from friends and family throughout the contest. We are thrilled and look forward to putting together your creative shoot with the two of you!! 🙂

Here’s the story of how they met…

Our wonderful story:

Her version:

“I first laid eyes on Steve, the first day of my sophomore year of high school, he was the teachers assistant for my Spanish class. Everyday I’d get all dolled up before going into class just in case he ever looked my way. For the first couple weeks I didn’t he think he knew my name or that I even existed, since I was too nervous to even make eye contact. Many days went by that I’d totally check him out or daydream about talking to him..(tacky, right?). Finally one day my teacher had to leave early while the class was taking a test and requested that we turn in our tests with Steve. The whole time I was taking my test, I was so nervous about having to bring it to him… once I finished I stood up, walked to his desk without looking at him, or even breathing for that matter and as soon as I turned around to walk back he was like, “Hey, Lauren.. Can I get your number and maybe we could go out sometime?” I couldn’t get past the fact that he knew my name! So of course I gave him my number, but figured he probably wouldn’t call. Later that night, my house phone rang and it was Steve calling. He wanted to know when was a good time for lunch? (Now, I hadn’t really thought this through.. I was too young to go on a date being only 14.. especially with a 17 year old.) So instead of just telling him “No, I’m not allowed to date”.. I thought I’d just lie and tell him I was grounded and that would chase him away. Well it worked, but then next week rolled around and he called again! He wondered if I was still grounded…Well, I turned into a great little liar and simply said “Yes, I still am and probably will be for a while.” Now, for those who knew me then, I NEVER got in trouble, I’ve never been grounded in my life.. so this was a total role for me to play. Finally, I thought I should probably talk to my Mom and see what she thought, since he was so persistent in asking me. She allowed me to go on a lunch date as long as a friend tagged along. I was well prepared the next time he asked me.. I told him I wasn’t grounded anymore and that I would love to go. So, we brought our mutual friend Natalie and all went to Quizno’s. Steve has continued to make me the happiest woman I can be, and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him!”

His version:

“I asked Lauren out in Spanish class (2004). I had met her a couple weeks prior, at the beginning of my Senior year in high school, but it took a couple of weeks before I asked her out. I was the Teacher’s Assistant for the class (which made it quite scandalous.) I remember exactly how it happened, because we had a substitute teacher that day. Mr. White was filling in for our normal teacher and I was sitting in front of the class, waiting to collect the quiz that was given. When Lauren walked up to turn her quiz in, I said something like, “Hey Lauren, what are you doing this weekend?” She turned bright red, totally surprised that I was talking to her in front of the entire class. Before she could answer, Mr. White, the substitute (and my old teacher from the semester before) chimes in “Hey Steve, what are you trying to do, ask this girl out?” I probably got a little red in the face myself and replied “…Well Mr. White, I am trying to…” He started laughing because he didn’t really expect that to be my answer. So I turned back to Lauren and asked her if she had any plans that weekend because my friends and I were getting together to do something. So, I got her number right there in front of everyone in class, who by this time, were all paying attention.”

Atmosphere Is Everything…

Choosing defining atmosphere is key to any photographer’s photo session. When our studio has a session in the works, prior to the session we get together with our client(s) for a quick twenty minute consultation. It’s our way of getting to know our client a little better, giving them the opportunity to get to know us and feel more comfortable working with us behind the lens. It also provides the opportunity for the client to ensure they have a voice in helping to establish the direction and creativity of their artistic shoot and address any questions they may have. One of the key elements to an impacting shoot is ( and you’ve heard it timeless times ) ‘location, location, location’.And, not just any location, but a backdrop that says something about our client. If we have a graduating senior who is more of a city girl/guy the downtown K street mall and surrounding areas really sets the mood and tone and adds character to each capture.

We want our client(s) to be in their element. Fortunately here in our area we have an oasis of natural backdrops rich in textures, character and charm to really personalize every client’s personality, from the downtown city scenic of Old Town Sac to the quaint floral gardens of Fair Oaks…

… to the beauty of the vast river ways and rustic beauty and charm of the Historic Folsom Powerhouse . Even richer is when a client has a location in mind that has some sentimental draw. For a couple it would be a favorite spot they like to frequent. It really shows when the client is at home with their surroundings.

Another aspect of our shoot that helps establish atmosphere is the time of day we choose to have the session.

We inevitably always either shoot early in the morning or on the fringes of the day a few hours before the sun starts to set, avoiding the glaring hot spots of the day. Of course there are always exceptions to the rules and the gray areas start to bleed over. No matter what the situation, our studio tries to make the best out of any situation. Some ambitious shoots have even found us hiking in to some beautifully scenic shots with amazing views to catch the sun rising just to add the atmosphere of 5 am light.

We also encourage our clients to bring a little of their personality with them to add interest to the overall shoot. Even the simplest prop can set the tone and mood, adding great character and bringing out personality that might have remained hidden from a simple hat, a book or even period garb. If you can imagine it we can create it.

All these key elements make for a great session and BLL Photographic Studio is really inspired when their client(s) are eager to create such irreplaceable memories with our studio’s personalized artistic vision.